Systems Design & Integration (SDI)


Systems Design & Integration (SDI)

A new source of competitive advantage!

Systems Design & Integration (SDI) – whether it be a product or service, can be considered a highly specialized artform that, once mastered, allows the artist to realize the limitless possibilities of only their imagination. In the context of business and technology, systems design is a critical tool that can be used to optimize operations and gain that decisive competitive advantage.

But even the best solutions can fail without skillful integration. Pinnacle takes on today’s diverse technology environments, delivering seamless systems and integrating contemporary solutions with legacy systems. PCG’s focus on detailed advance planning, coupled with an adaptive ‘integrate with speed’ philosophy allows our clients to realize advantages and capture business synergies earlier.

The SDI business at Pinnacle Consulting Group offers clients a technology-driven service that combines business strategy with customer needs through an iterative design cycle, ultimately resulting in an optimal solution. Over the years, our team has participated in and led numerous complex initiatives through the design, build, implementation and integration cycles.

Pinnacle Consulting Group is vendor agnostic, and continually seeks to provide pioneering best-of-breed solutions for our clients that deliver value for money and consistent results that exceed operational expectations. We work with our clients from the inception of an idea through implementation to live operations.

SDI Services:

•Threat and risk assessments

•Site surveys and system audits

•Feasibility studies

•Business case preparation

•Technical reviews and trials

•Operational business process design

•Procurement and implementation

•Contract procurement

•Systems integration

•Acceptance testing


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